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GINSPIRED is a podcast where we talk about and celebrate everything about the wonderful juniper-laced spirit called GIN! There is SO much to talk about when it comes to gin – and we are going to dive into all of it in our weekly episodes. I speak to guests from around the world including gin and mixer experts, distilleries, gin fans, and bartenders.

In every episode, my guests and I share what we're drinking as well as fun GINcident stories. I hope you will join me on this GINspired journey.

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We are now in Season 3!

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  • A Passion for all Things Gin

    On today’s episode, I welcome Sailor Guevara, a veteran of the spirits
    and hospitality industry, a published and celebrated Mixologist, an
    author, and acclaimed podcast host – she’s has been crafting cocktails and educating people on spirits around the world for a very long. Today, we chat about her love of gin, her path to becoming a spirits specialist and her passion as an educator, her favourite gins and cocktails, some gin history, her virtual cocktail business, and of course, we share some fun ginspired stories (that may or may not involve an Alice in Wonderland costume).

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  • How You Can Drink Gin & Help Save The Rhino

    On today’s episode, I welcome Bill Perlot - brand ambassador for The
    Golden Rhino Gin for our first episode of season 2. Today, we chat about Golden Rhino Gin (a rare gin), the Shared Universe Foundation and what it’s doing to protect endangered species such as the rhino, and what you can do to help. 

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  • How to Properly Taste a New Gin

    On today’s episode, my guest is Lesley Quinn – an award-winning CMS & FWS sommelier and owner of Stellar Somm Wine Experts located here in Prince Edward Island. Today, Lesley shares some of her path to
    becoming a wine and spirits expert, and we learn HOW to properly taste a new gin (and what glass to use!), and we’ll discuss some of Lesley’s
    favs. Join us for this content-filled episode.

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